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Trigger Point Injections

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While a knot in your muscle can be sore and painful, it can also create discomfort in seemingly unrelated areas, causing more widespread problems. To fight back, the team at Neuro Pain Consultants offers trigger point injections that release the source of tension. For patients in Bloomfield Hills, Clarkston, Macomb Township,Sterling Heights,  and West Bloomfield, Michigan, trigger point injections provide welcome relief from debilitating pain. To learn more, call one of the locations directly or use the online booking tool to request an appointment.

Trigger Point Injections Q & A

What are trigger points?

Trigger points aren’t a permanent part of your musculoskeletal system; instead, they crop up anywhere a band of muscle tightens without release. Often referred to as “knots,” trigger points can cause moderate to severe pain locally, as well as referred pain in other parts of your body as they irritate surrounding nerves.

What are trigger point injections?

With trigger point injections, the doctors at Neuro Pain Consultants locate the knots responsible for your pain and discomfort and inject them directly with saline, a steroid, and a local anesthetic.

What conditions can trigger point injections improve?

Trigger point injections are used to treat several conditions, such as:

  • Tension headaches
  • Myofascial pain syndrome
  • Fibromyalgia


Aside from these specific conditions, if you have a stubborn knot of muscle that’s causing you pain, anywhere on your body, the doctors at Neuro Pain Consultants use trigger point injections to bring you relief.

What happens during a trigger point injection treatment?

Before you receive your trigger point injection, your doctor at Neuro Pain Consultants blocks the nerves in the area to keep you comfortable. Once you’re ready, they use a small needle to inject lidocaine or procaine, and a corticosteroid, if necessary, straight into your muscle. If you’re allergic to the anesthetic, your doctor may use a dry-needling technique to release your muscles.

The procedure takes just minutes and they perform it right in their offices.

When will I experience results after my trigger point injections?

Because trigger point injections contain a local anesthetic, your results are immediate as the medication quiets the nerves responsible for the pain. This, in turn, encourages them to relax. If your doctor also uses a corticosteroid, this, too, works fairly quickly to address any inflammation or irritation in the area.

You may experience some soreness at the site of the injection, but this typically resolves itself quickly. You should also avoid strenuous activity that involves your treated muscle for a few days to keep it relaxed.

If you’d like to explore whether you’re a candidate for trigger point injections, call Neuro Pain Consultants, or request an appointment using the online booking tool.

Individual results may vary.