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Ketamine Infusion


Why Choose a Ketamine Infusion?

Ketamine plays a major role in blocking nerve channels that cause intense abnormal pain sensations, while still allowing the nerve to function normally. After infusion, pain is often decreased for prolonged periods of time.

How it Works:

Ketamine helps patients who have built a tolerance to narcotics or in conditions where the patient develops increased abnormal pain responses (hyperalgesia). Ketamine blocks the receptors involved with these symptoms and is able to reverse the symptoms.

What to Expect During Infusion:

A Registered Nurse and physician will monitor your full infusion process. An IV will be placed and the infusion will be delivered through a catheter in the arm or hand. Patient's vitals will be monitored throughout the infusion. Patient will report to the clinic 5 consecutive days for an average of 4 hours per day.

Patient should not have anything to eat or drink prior to their arrival and must have a driver accompany them and stay on premises until the patient is discharged.

What to Expect After Infusion:

Each patient case is different but many patients experience significant pain relief following the infusion. The length of relief also varies with each case.

Conditions Treated:

Neuropathic Pain, Complex Regional Pain syndrome, centralizhyperalgesia (extreme responses to simple actions, like a pinch or clothing touching your skin).

Other Conditions Treated at NeuroPain Consultants:


• Back and Leg Pain

• Neck and Shoulder Pain

• Auto Related Injuries

• Sports Injuries

• Failed Back Surgery and Post-Surgical

Pain Syndromes

• Myofascial Pain

• Facet Syndrome

Neuropathic Pain

• Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (RSD)

• Post Herpetic Neuralgia

• Nerve Injuries

• Phantom Limb Pain

Other Conditions

• Arthritis

• Disc Herniation

• Osteoporosis

• Pinched Nerve

• Spinal Canal Stenosis

• Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunctions

• Sciatica

• Scoliosis

• Spondylolisthesis

Treatment Options

• Medication Management

• Physical/Occupational Therapy

• Diagnostic and Therapeutic Nerve

Blocks and Muscle/Joint Injections

• Fluoroscopy & Ultrasound

• Psychological and Behavioral Counseling

• Alternative Therapies

• Acupuncture

• Implantable Devices

• Intrathecal Medication

• Spinal Cord Stimulator

• Peripheral Nerve Stimulator

• Kyphoplasty

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