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Home Therapy, and easy comfortable path to better health.

We have joined with Limber Health.  Limber Health provides in home exercise and remote monitoring such that you, the patient, can do exercise at your pace and to your level of ability in the comfort of your own home.  Exercises are provided to you and are monitored remotely. Nobody needs to be in your home while stretching and strengthening. 

It is easy and covered by your insurance.  We sign you up and then a remote  evaluation takes place.  We design a program specifically for your needs.  We know that when you have less barriers to treatment, like travel to another office, your results are more likely to happen.  You can restore function and have less pain.  The program can be maintained for longer than one designed that requires out of home travel and/or in person therapy.  It’s easy to continue on your own when this exercise becomes a pattern in your life.  This is more likely to happen when you do this at home.

Clinical studies at the Mayo clinic showed clinical efficacy, basically, it works. When patient exercise at home with a well-designed program tailored for that patient’s goals there is documented benefit.


We have an expansive musculoskeletal exercise database that features videos with human-led demonstrations as well as verbal and written description crafted from physical therapists.

It is indicated for:


          Low back










Lots of postive feedback from patients so far has encouaged to us to promote this positive treament




James Honet, MD James E. Honet, MD, is a highly qualified and board-certified anesthesiologist and pain management specialist at Neuro Pain Consultants in Bloomfield Hills, conveniently located in the northern suburbs of Detroit’s metropolitan area, and Clarkston, located in Oakland County in southeast Michigan. His special interests include spinal fractures, spinal stenosis, acute and chronic pain, complex regional pain syndromes, and joint pain. He is very interested in cutting edge therapies. Often he is sought out to provide the newest and most exciting treatments.

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